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Acquire hassle-free, dependable payroll services for your business, no matter the number of employees!


Nichols Financial Services possesses twenty-five years of payroll experience. From a single employee to two hundred, we process payrolls for any size workforce. NFS takes care of all the weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tax filing for both federal and state governments. Hassle and headache free, our payroll process is low with rates, accurate with details, and efficient with time. Generally, our rates are approximately 30% lower than local competition.

The team at NFS supports charity organizations and wants to do our part to promote their efforts. Hence, we provide non-profit agencies with special rates. We encourage an emphasis on community service within the regions we serve.

Our Payroll Services Include:


Workers' Compensation

We take into account the employees who were injured while fulfilling their occupational duties. Our staff members are educated in the law's requirements concerning this type of insurance.

New York State Disability Insurance

NFS has authority by the NYS Workers' Compensation Board to provide a policy for NYS Disability Insurance. We ensure each injured employee continues to receive his paycheck despite a medical condition that occurred while he was located on business property.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance contains two options: either your employee pays for medical expenses from his own savings and is later reimbursed, or the insurance company pays the provider directly. We keep records of the details of your employees to make their payments accurate and up-to-date.

Employee Benefit Packages

Small to large businesses provide different employee benefit packages. NFS records the specifics of your package and incorporates the various fees into your employees payroll.

Direct Deposit

With either a voided check or the account number, we offer your employees direct deposit into their account of choice. We accommodate any bank or credit union.

Retirement Plans (401ks, IRAs, Pensions)

Businesses offer customized retirement plans to best suit the needs of their employees while remaining financially grounded. We account for the specifics of the retirement plan for each employee so that it reflects in every paycheck. We fully understand that your employees want to stay informed of where their money is going.

Payroll Audits

Payroll audits are conducted by a third, unbiased party to ensure the payroll records are reported accurately. Internal company audits are highly encouraged to ensure employees receive the correct pay and to establish the Worker's Compensation premium. The auditing procedure results in a more refined process for both employees and employers.

We accept the challenges of payroll so that you can concentrate more time and attention on other aspects of your company. Our staff is highly trained and have multiple years of experience. Fill out our payroll form here and we will get back to you with a competitive quote. You can also contact Melody directly.

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